Custom Tooling

Custom Shaper Cutters

CNC Profile Grinder. Click for larger image

We provide custom carbide and alloy-tipped shaper cutters from a drawing, wood sample, or .dxf file. We also retip cutters from other manufacturers.

Custom Router Bits

We also provide custom carbide and alloy-tipped router bits for both CNC and hand router applications for short runs and small profiles (1 1/2"h x 1 1/4"d.) We can grind your profile into an HSS router blank.


Custom Moulder and Shaper Knives

Moulder Knives. Click for larger image.

We can match any profile for any machine including Foley, RBI, Williams & Hussey, Powermatic as well as standard corrugated heads. We also can grind carbide-tipped and backpack knives. Just send a wood sample, faxed tracing with dimensions, dimensioned drawing, or .dxf file.




CNC Profile Grinder, detail. Click for larger image

Profiled Inserts

We can match existing profiled inserts, or provide new inserts as well as multi-profile and dedicated heads.


Diamond Tooling

We can provide new PCD diamond saw blades and tooling through several qualified vendors.